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Get away from it all at Willowbank

Further Update: Entry for children to Willowbank is free until all schools are back. Adult entry is $25 pp. Up to five children per one adult.

At Willowbank, we too were shaken up by the earthquake. But the animals and staff here can count themselves as the lucky ones and have been relatively unscathed by the recent earthquake.

Our Willowbank family would like to open its arms to your family and offer you a refuge to get away from it all for a few moments if you need a break.

  • We open at 9.30 am and are currently accepting our last visitor at 7pm daily.
  • We now have the power back on, so all our facilities including the kiwi house are open.
  • Willowbank has its own fresh artesian bore water, so you are welcome to fill up with some of Canterbury‚Äôs freshest water while you are here.

The team at Willowbank.

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27 Responses to Get away from it all at Willowbank

  1. Anna says:

    Thank you so much for this generous offer.. couldn’t afford to come otherwise.. we’ll see you this afternoon ;-)

  2. Sophie says:

    This is so fantastic. Well done.

  3. Rebekah Lattaney says:

    I am so glad to hear that you are open and that the animals are alright. And your being open free of charge is wonderful for the people of Christchurch that have lost so much.

  4. Willowbank says:

    thank you everyone for your kind comments. we look forward to seeing you at the reserve. Take care.

    • Siko says:

      Are you still open, free of charge for the week ending Sat 5th March?

      Or when will the free entry stop.

      What additional atttractions are open?

      Thanks very much

      • Willowbank says:

        Hi Siko

        Yes, free entry all this week at this stage, with donation to help feed the animals. You can visit the Christchurchnz page on Facebook to see other attractions that are open. We know that Black Cat are operating cruises from Akaroa as normal, and motels, shops, cafes etc in Akaroa are all open. Whalewatch in Kaikoura is operating as usual, as will be most attractions to the north and south of Christchurch.

  5. angela richardson says:

    You rock Willowbank. Glad that all the animals and staff are safe

  6. Megan says:

    That is so generous and just what my kids need right now. thank you :)

  7. shadyladynz says:

    OMG< thats so generous Willowbank. Its times like these that you find out who the reall generous people are. Kudos!

  8. ms ting says:

    ya, have always expecedt someone like u in NZ. Kiwis are the most kind n generous people on this planet ! God bless !!

  9. CJ Vercoe says:

    Yaye!! That is so amazingly generous! Good on you Willowbank :)

  10. Sai says:

    Wow -
    What an amazing and generous offer. I will take my son for his birthday on Thursday He is so happy as he thought we wouldn’t be able to do anything because his party was cancelled due to the quake!

    Thanks so much Willowbank

  11. Christina says:

    that’s awesome! We are all so pleased your staff and the animals are safe.

    does the free entry include the weekend or is it only week days?

    • Willowbank says:

      Hi Christina, we will be back to full entry price from this Saturday, March 5th. Thanks for your support.

  12. Knedra Parish says:

    THANK YOU , we will come and celebrate my little girls birthday , which like alot of things was cancelled due to the earthquake , thank you

  13. sharon says:

    Hi there, when does this offer run out please? my child is stressed out and would love to take her but am unsure if this is still going and when it is valid till?

    • Willowbank says:

      Hi Sharon, I hope you get a chance to bring your daughter out during the week. The free offer ends at the end of Friday March 4th. we will be back to normal entry prices from Saturday March 5th.

  14. sandy MURRAY says:

    does this include sat thank u so much for doing this for the kids

    • Willowbank says:

      Hi Sandy, unfortunately it does not include Saturday. the free entry lasts until the end of this week, meaning the end of Friday. thank you so much for your support.

  15. Rochelle Beach says:

    With all the stress and stains around cnaterbury at the moment this is just what my son and niece need we will be out tomorrow for a fun family day out and hopefully the kids can relax and have a bit of fun, need to see smiles on there faces again, you guys are thebest WELL DONE willowbank

  16. Willowbank says:

    Just to confirm, there has been a change re how long we will offer the entry by donation – this now includes all weekend. We look forward to seeing you at the Reserve with your children.

    • charlotte says:

      is this deal still going? tia

      • Willowbank says:

        Hi Charlotte – there is no longer free entry for everyone, just for children as per the top of this page. Adults pay $25 each, children free, with maximum of 5 children per 1 adult. thanks.

  17. dan swain says:

    we love willow bank,as a kid my family were involved in a lot of the work going on there,i got my frogs from the moat around the camel enclosure,good times. took my daughter to have a look around a few months ago,will definately be in again,looking forward to it,thanks heaps,means a lot in these difficult times.

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