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Winner of New Apple iPad Competition

James Natta correctly answered all five questions on the "Big Five"

12 year old James Natta (of Hornby) received a call from Willowbank Wildlife Reserve on the 1st February to inform him that he was the winner of the “Big Five” competition held at Willowbank from the 1 December 2010 to 31 January 2011. During this time, any children (14 years and under) could enter the competition which took them around the Park to find the answers to 5 questions relating to the “Big Five” –  the takahe , kea, kiwi, kaka & tuatara.

James correctly answered all five questions.

James, already a big fan and regular visitor to Willowbank, was absolutely stunned and delighted to win the latest Apple IPAD, which he was presented with on Friday 4 February at the Reserve by Director Kathy Rangiwananga. He was presented this, in the enclosure with Hamilton the Takahe, who checked out James himself!

The delight and appreciation (let alone the shrieking in excitement when he took the original phone call to be advised he was the winner), was really pleasing for Willowbank who believed a very deserving young boy had been the lucky one drawn from  over 600 entries.

Aside from the prize at stake to correctly answer the questions, Willowbank felt it was a great educational opportunity for both young and old, whilst visiting the Reserve, to learn more about some of our rare and endangered species that we don’t necessarily know a lot about – let alone be able to see and interact with them in such close proximity.

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One Response to Winner of New Apple iPad Competition

  1. James Natta says:

    Thanks for the post, it’s hard to know what’s open in Chch anymore!

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