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Plus One Card $99 - 1 child (0-14 years) & ANY 1 adult     All Club Willowbank Passes can be purchased on entry

Only $149
for a family
per year

Only $69
for an adult
per year

Only $21
for a child
per year


Benefits of joining Club Willowbank

Club Willowbank is a great value way to enjoy Willowbank and our animals year round, but many people may not realise that membership also gives you first chance on other specials - which are highlighted in our newsletter (so make sure you open it and don't miss out!) That VIPtreatment includes:
  • Priority booking for Junior Keeper
  • Discounts on Children's birthday Parties
  • Invitations to events held at Willowbank
  • Regular special offers in both the restaurant & gift shop

This is the perfect option for locals, especially those with families. A pass costs less than the cost of two visits and gives unlimited visits to the reserve for a whole year - and we love to see our Club Willowbank regulars coming back to enjoy spending time with us and the animals year round.

Kati the kea escapes Death's Corner!

Kati the kea was caught at Deaths Corner by a kea researcher. Her beak had been badly damaged, possibly by a predator trap. During her recovery our vet looked after her. When her condition improved she came to the Wildlife Hospital at Willowbank before being introduced to our kea group. She has her own enclosure attached to our large kea flight and is able to socialize with the other birds through the mesh. As she is a juvenile bird we hope to introduce her to our flock so she can lead a normal life with all the social activity and squabbling that kea enjoy so much!

Maroro - the takahe with no toes!

takaheMaroro, the female takahe, had each of her front toes amputated due to an infection. After some hard work by Massey University vets and Nga Manu nature reserve she has made a full recovery. She was flown by Air New Zealand for free in her own reserved seat to Christchurch to be a friend for our male Teebee. She is loving her 2,500 square metre enclosure at Willowbank, and is making a mess of her grass as she pulls it out to munch on the juicy roots!

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morepork otters pig postcard


Conditions for Club Willowbank

  • Unlimited Free Entry to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve (during opening hours) for the duration of the membership of 12 months.
  • This card is NOT transferable, i.e. ONLY the person named and photographed on the card is entitled to complimentary entry.
  • The Club Willowbank card cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or special promotions or discounted products such.
  • Children on a Family Card are only entitled to complimentary entry when accompanied by the holder of the Family Card.
  • Children, 14 years and under are permitted to join as a Club Willowbank member but must be accompanied by an adult when visiting Willowbank.
  • Your current card must be presented to gain any/all privileges.  Entry will be refused without card.
  • Reissuing of any card through loss or theft incurs a cost of $5.

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“The highlight for me was the kiwi house. I work as a guide myself looking for kiwi, however, I really loved the way the kiwi in the kiwi house were oblivious to us. I heard a pair snuffling, while over my shoulder another pair were doing the same thing.

It was only a fleeting visit (while waiting for a domestic flight), however, I know I will be back with my daughter - who will absolutely love this place."

Ian, New Zealand

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