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New Zealand Conservation

New Zealand Conservation Trust

kiwi-chick-easter-2010The New Zealand Conservation Trust (NZCT) is a charitable trust established in 1984 to achieve conservation and educational goals. Originally named the Willowbank Wildlife Trust it underwent a revamp in 1997 in order to bring it up to date with today's regulatory requirements.

The Trust's role is to maintain the animals within its care, raise funds for, and promote conservation and educational projects, while linking with other organisations within New Zealand.

The NZCT offers a range of Education Programmes including the popular 'Travelling Tuatara' and a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes in the Kiwi Breeding facility.
Willowbank and the NZCT work with many rare and endangered animals and birds. They are involved in various breeding programmes to increase the populations and awareness of wildlife in strife.

Visit www.nzconservationtrust.org.nz for more information about the New Zealand Conservation Trust.

BNZ Operation Nest Egg

kiwi_handlingOver the six seasons from 2005 to 2010 the New Zealand Conservation Trust at Willowbank has been the only operation to take an active part in ‘Operation Nest Egg’ in the South Island. It has hatched Okarito Brown Kiwi (Rowi), Haast Tokoeka Kiwi and Great Spotted Kiwi (Roa) eggs.

During last season alone, almost 90 Haast, Okarito and Great Spotted eggs and chicks were hatched and reared in the Kiwi Breeding Centre. The eggs collected from the forest are immediately put into heated carriers. They are then driven or flown to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve and immediately placed into incubators in the Kiwi Breeding Centre.

The rate of mortality is high among chicks in the wild, with 95% of chicks dying before they reach 6 months. Both egg and chick are vulnerable to possums, stoats, ferrets, cats, dogs and pigs.
Kiwi birds bred at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve through the efforts of the New Zealand Conservation Trust and staff at the reserve, are part of New Zealand’s most successful captive breeding programme.

Click here to learn more about our Kiwi breeding tours here in Christchurch. You can find out more information about BNZ Operation Nest Egg here.

Travelling Tuatara

$3.00 per child

An Education Officer will visit your school and will bring a live Tuatara in a display case, as well as various display material. In addition to this we will also bring various Kiwi displays as well as a Kiwi specimen skin – most children or adults never get the opportunity to touch a kiwi.
This is an hour long talk and issues such as why they are endangered, habitats, predators and breeding programmes are discussed.

Please note this price only applies to schools/organisations within a 25km radius of Willowbank.  Mileage will be charged at the AA recommended rate for visits outside this area.

For more information about the Travelling Tuatara email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 03 3596226 ext 704

Corporate Speakers

Have a speaker come to a function and give an informative insight to the Kiwi Breeding Programme or a number of conservation topics.

For more information about Corporate Speakers email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 03 3596226 ext 704


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