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Wildlife Education Resources

As a New Zealand wildlife park, we offer a number of educational opportunities for school students who wish to study the range of flora and fauna at Willowbank.

Educational programmes at the park are run by the New Zealand Conservation Trust. They are designed to stimulate the interest of students in issues surrounding New Zealand's native flora and fauna, conservation work undertaken at the park with the NZCT, and a general overview of good environmental practices.

Students enjoy a hands-on, interactive approach to learning that can be tailored to fit specific teaching approaches and different aspects of the school curriculum. For more detailed information about our education programme offering at Willowbank, please visit the NZCT website.

Downloadable Resource Sheets

Below are a range of educational resources designed to be used in conjunction with school visits to Willowbank. Please click on the underlined links to download pdfs of each document.

  • Risk Management Forms
    Risk Management forms and a Safety code for your visit to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Please take the time to read and complete.
  • Animal Care Code
    A worksheet for your students encouraging them to think about animal care and what the individual needs of each species might be.
  • What animals do
    A worksheet designed to get students thinking about the adaptive differences between animals. This worksheet can be used in the reserve, back in the classroom or at home.
  • Detective Game Primary School Resource
    This Detective Game is to be printed out in advance and used when you are taking your group around Willowbank. It is designed as a fun way to encourage your class to learn and observe as they travel around the reserve.
  • Detective Game Map
    This map of the reserve can be used to help plan your visit and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Detective Game above.
  • The different teeth of animals
    A resource designed to help the students think about why animals are different, by using their teeth to show these differences. This encourages students to observe the animals at Willowbank and read the intepretation signs for information. You will explore different ways of eating - herbivore, carnivore and omnivore.
  • Animal Habitat Quiz
    A matching exercise designed to get your students thinking about different habitats and where animals live.
  • Make your own bird feeders
    A resource activity sheet for bird feeders. Make them back at school for your playground or for students to take home and hang in their favourite tree. A good exercise for encouraging students to record information from observation.
  • Memory scavenger hunt
    A resource for when you return to school - encouraging your students to think about and recall their day at Willowbank.
  • Matching - Kiwi resource
    A resource designed to encourage developing an understanding of the various names and terms specifically relating to New Zealand's endangered Kiwi species.
  • Word Matching resource
    A resource for teaching some of the names and terms relating to native animals and conservation.
  • Kiwi Breeding Matching Resource
    A matching exercise specifically for use in conjunction with our Behind-the-scenes Kiwi Creche tours. Encourages recall and deeper thinking about the kiwi breeding programme your students have visited.

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